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Download Project OpenDMK Bundles

The majority of Project OpenDMK code is released under and governed by either the GNU General Public License, Version 2 only (GPL) or the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL). Before downloading Project OpenDMK software, you should become familiar with these licences.

Some binary components are covered under the Binary License for Project OpenDMK:

You can obtain a copy of these licenses from here:

Note: The binary components are contained in self extracting jar files. To expand a self extracting jar file simply type

    java -jar <self-extracting.jar>
in a terminal window.

To build Project OpenDMK sources:

  1. Download the source bundle zip file from the table below and expand it in a folder where you have write permissions.

  2. Download the self extracting binary plug jar file from the same line in the table below and expand it in the OpenDMK-src folder, by typing
    java -jar <downloaded-binary-plug.jar>
    in a terminal window. You should now have a folder named opendmk-binary-plug in the OpenDMK-src folder.

  3. In a terminal window, cd to the OpenDMK-src folder and type
    ant buildall

Project OpenDMK sources and binaries (each line correspond to a different version):

Note: The Binary Plug for Project OpenDMK and the Full Binary Bundle which also incorporates classes from the binary plug are submitted to the terms of the Project OpenDMK binary license.

Version Tag Build Date Source Bundle Zip File (GPL/CDDL) Binary Plug
for Project OpenDMK

Full Binary Bundle
opendmk-1.0-b02 01-Oct-2007_19-17-46
Download Source Zip
zip file
Download Binary Plug
(self extracting jar file)
Download Full Binary Bundle
(self extracting jar file)
opendmk-1.0-b01-ea 04-Apr-2007_18-00-43
Download Source Zip
(zip file)
Not Applicable
Download Full Binary Bundle
(zip file)

Important note: the opendmk-1.0-b01-ea delivery does not include the SNMP Runtime. If you plan to work with SNMP please download a later version such as opendmk-1.0-b02 or later.

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